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Mod post 
12:13am 22/09/2012
  Thanks to all the spam and porn that was being posted here, membership is now moderated, and all posts will be moderated before they appear. You are still welcome to join and post, but if you post spam you'll be removed. Kthxbye.  
09:15pm 15/08/2012
  Click on the pic to bid on this shirt...

2 games 
11:59pm 28/01/2009
  so, i'm looking for 2 specific old school coin-op games. I only want to know the names of the games and i i will give you as much detail as i can about them:

1. I am pretty sure that this game was played on the Neo-Geo system. It was a side scrolling adventure game. I am pretty sure you could choose your character. There were skeletons that you had to fight and i remember that there were bags of (gold) you could pick up. I am very certain that the first "boss" that you had to fight was a Kraken. The game i am talking about is not Magical Lord. It is something different. Almost like a dungeons and dragons sort of game.

2. The second game i would like to find was a shooter (it had a gun in the arcade). The game had i think 4 cartoon travellers slowly walking across a landscape and you had to shoot the dangers out of their way. vultures, tarantulas, snakes, ect ect... If one of your people died i think they went up in flames, but i'm not sure. This was a kinda creepy looking game cabinet btw.

If any of you out there remember what these games might be, let me know.

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Play Pacman Win Cash! Online! 
12:21am 28/12/2007
  I am a very skilled gamer. I compete online for cash. I win big $$$. Challange me! my username is DelilahMmm. The links below. :)

MAME noob needs help? ^^; 
11:10pm 20/11/2007
  ISO any nice WinXP MAME emulators w/ frontends, zSNES-style. Install, add ROMs to the right directory, open the program and play from there; that's all I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :D  
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02:15am 23/04/2007
  Mortal Kombat COGJIT Figures NIB (Complete Set)

Set Includes: Liu Kang - Sonya - Sub-Zero - Scorpion - Mileena - Shang Tsung

Click on the pic for more info. or to bid.
07:56pm 20/03/2007
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Sub-Zero Figure


Click the picture for more info / to bid.
Arcade Sounds 
09:42am 09/08/2006
Promoting a new Community 
01:11pm 25/07/2006

Trying to start a new community dedicated to all things relating to the golden era of video games. The arcade games, building a MAME cabinet, your old atari 2600 or Colecovision - and all such related topics.

Come join the Classic Arcade's Way-back Machine

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Hey there... 
11:22am 11/07/2006
  I just joined this community because I've been writing some classic video game humor in my LJ and I wanted to get some feedback. Check out my last few entries if you're interested and let me know what you think...  
cool new film 
12:52pm 23/05/2006
  hey i just wanted to share the word about this cool 80's arcade games recreated with FOOD! feel free to pass the link around


or see all of the films here: http://www.atomfilms.com/af/spotlight/
Old Skool NES games for sale on EBAY :) 
10:05pm 08/03/2006
  Help me make space in my overly-cluttered bedroom and snag yo'self some kickass videos, c.d.s, and/or old nintendo games SUPER DEE-DOOP-ER-DEE CHEAPO! le wh00t. Click here :)

04:04pm 25/01/2006

new flyer, new format. clicky!Collapse )

80's Arcade Games, in tasty quiz format! 
02:26pm 21/12/2005
  Cut for being tangentially on topic, sort of. Pretty much.Collapse )  
casiobotic robopop about atari/nes games 
03:42pm 03/11/2005
10:47pm 23/09/2005
  Hey! Someone is selling an original Nintindo NES for only $6 and 10 games for only $10.50. click here for the console and here for the games  
♪ Swing your arms from side to side... ♪ 
10:59pm 06/09/2005
  Fairly recently, Billboard started keeping track of the top mobile phone ring tones in the US. Here's the chart.

So why do I mention this here? Take a close look at the list; amidst the overplayed R&B and hip-hop hits, there's a certain well-known '80s video game theme mixed in...
11:19pm 29/08/2005

Hello there. I have games. Lots of games. That I have beaten 74398473984 times each and now they are wasting space in my room. All these games are for the 8 bit Nintendo NES system, are in excellent condition (cosmetic AND working), and can be returned for a refund if for some odd reason they don't work in your system (even though I tested them myself and know they work :P).

Here is a list of what I have:

1. Skate or Die 2: starting at $1 bid or buy it now for $5

2. Burger Time (most damned annoying nintendo game ever that has made me throw the controller about 20 times): starting at $1 bid or buy it now for $5

3. Maniac Mansion (I believe this is the newer one that does not allow you to throw the hamster in the microwave *sigh*): starting at $1 bid or buy it now for $5

4. Fester's Quest: starting at $1 bid or buy it now for $5

5. Ren & Stimpy Buckeroos in box with manual: starting at $8 bid or buy it now for $14

6. Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom in box (no manual): starting at $3 bid or buy it now for $8

7. Little Nemo Dream Master: starting at $2 bid or buy it now for $6

8. Simpsons Bart VS. the World: starting at $1 bid or buy it now for $4

9. Disneys Little Mermaid: starting at $1 bid or buy it now for $4

10. World Class Track Meet (for the Power Pad): starting at $1 bid or buy it now for $6

11. 8 eyes: starting at $1 bid or buy it now for $3

All these games can be shipped worldwide. I accept PayPal payments only. I offer combined shipping rates for people who want more than one game.


Thanks for reading!



10:59am 28/08/2005
  I'm selling a Super Nintendo Game system and a PSONE Mini Game system with various games. For more info check out my store

Thanks for checking me out. Feel free to drop me a line if there is anything in particular you are looking for.
Xoc Plays SMW 
09:36pm 15/08/2005
  OK, this one's about a game originally released in 1990, so it's just barely on the edge of the community name, but still... ::grin::


22 Super Mario World tunes, all covered by one man with dozens of instruments and way too much spare time. And we're talking about real acoustic instruments and vocals here, too, not just synthesizers.

And there's more where that came from.

I'm just hoping this guy does a Zelda album eventually!

(Found via BoingBoing.)