Dokktorwho222 (dokktorwho222) wrote in 80sarcade,

2 games

so, i'm looking for 2 specific old school coin-op games. I only want to know the names of the games and i i will give you as much detail as i can about them:

1. I am pretty sure that this game was played on the Neo-Geo system. It was a side scrolling adventure game. I am pretty sure you could choose your character. There were skeletons that you had to fight and i remember that there were bags of (gold) you could pick up. I am very certain that the first "boss" that you had to fight was a Kraken. The game i am talking about is not Magical Lord. It is something different. Almost like a dungeons and dragons sort of game.

2. The second game i would like to find was a shooter (it had a gun in the arcade). The game had i think 4 cartoon travellers slowly walking across a landscape and you had to shoot the dangers out of their way. vultures, tarantulas, snakes, ect ect... If one of your people died i think they went up in flames, but i'm not sure. This was a kinda creepy looking game cabinet btw.

If any of you out there remember what these games might be, let me know.

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