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80's Arcade Games, in tasty quiz format!

Hello 80sarcade! I'm one of the mods over at ljdq, a bit of a comedy-trivia community, and this week a touch of arcade nostalgia crept into our lives. We thought we might share with you...

Which 80's arcade game character faced off against villains Coily, Ugg, and Wrongway on a pyramid of color-shifting cubes?

People complaining about the nonstandard control system in the game: 4
People referencing Scott Adams' many -bert character names: 6
People referencing recreational drug use in relation to this video game: 9,000,000

"Q-Bert and the Magical Mystical LSD Trip. 'Duuuude... what if, like, he's being chased... by a COILED SNAKE?' 'Duuude, I AM BEING CHASED BY A COILED SNAKE!'" - ctakahara

"I will accept those pyramids as having possibly be build by aliens, because aliens would totally build a color-shifting pyramid made of cubes." - dracothelizard

"I saw color-shifting cubes when I ate the worm. Whoa." - sweetpea86

"Mild-mannered driving instructor by day, pixellated hero by night" - eridanusus

"Aha! The terrible power of the Ugg boot is at last explained. Only a decade such as the 80s could give birth to such a terrifying fashion trend." - fruitoftheloon

"Coily, Ugg and Wrongway: Things I say when stumbling out of bed?" - gutter_tart

"Ronald Reagan." - krick, ashfault76

"oooh I remember these guys, it was some sort of grunt sounding name...inky-binky, or something like that. crap, this is pissing me off." - adafrog

(I believe you're thinking of Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, the ghosts who chase Pac-Man. -C)

"I plead too-young-for-this question and will go with my default old video game answer: Mrs. Pacman." - shannon_sue

(That's Ms. Pac-Man to you, you little whippersnapper. Now get the hell off my lawn. -C)

"Well, I'm pretty sure it's not Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or any of the Super Mario people, so I'm afraid my knowledge of ancient video game characters has been exhausted." - ciara_belle

(-1 for use of the term "ancient" to describe the 1980s. Now you get the hell off my lawn too. -C)

"I'm a chick. We don't play video games. We file our nails and look pretty." - kestrel127

(Say WHAT? Umm ... you do know we were talking about the 1980s, right? -C)

"Ooh...I hate that game. I think. Maybe I've never played it. But it certainly sounds as annoying as hell." - kokopellinelli

"Pizza Hut had this table with a glass top, and under the top was a Q-Bert game. It cost a quarter to play, but my mother wouldn't give me a quarter to fritter away on fancy moving electronic pictures. Instead, she let me get the all-you-can-eat salad bar. BUT I COULD TELL THE DIFFERENCE!" - altoidsaddict

"Well it's not centipede which was my favorite game evah because it didn't take much in the way of thought processes so you could sneak your beer out of your coat pocket while no one was looking...wait what was the question again?" - sestree

"Do you know how old I was when the 80s ended? Just exactly 3. The only thing I remember from the 80s is being hit over the head by some kid at kindergarten." - wingsister

(You were in kindergarten at age 3? Wow, you must have been precocious. And just look at you now. It was all downhill after that, eh? -C)

Correct Answer: Q*bert

"The Urkel of video games." - faithellen

Because the ljdq is full of old people, questions like this show up rather frequently. Feel free to drop by and look around; everyone is welcome!
Apologies if this sort of somewhat on-topic community promotion is unwelcome. Offense is not intended, except maybe to that foul-mouthed runt Q*bert.
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